Program and Important Dates

12 September 2022    Registration, Welcome Reception
13 September 2022    Presentations
14 September 2022    Presentations, Conference Dinner
15 September 2022    Field trips
16 September 2022    Presentations, Conference Closing

Detailed program

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List of poster and express presentations

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Important dates

Abstract submission – online submission
Registration  online registration
Deadline for Abstract submission – 22 April 2022
Decision on Abstracts – 29 June 2022
Early Bird Deadline – 20 July 2022

Keynote Speakers

Bella Galil (IL)
Philip Hulme (NZ)
Bernd Lenzner (AT)
Helen Roy (UK)
Evangelina Schwindt (AR)
Hanno Seebens (DE)


    • Trends in the introduction, spread and evolution of biological invasions at different spatial and temporal scales
    • Past, current and future drivers responsible for biological invasions
    • Biological invasions and climate change
    • Novel ecosystems in the Anthropocene
    • Impacts of invasions on native species, communities and ecosystems
    • Biotic interactions in invaded communities and ecosystems, incl. interactions between invaders
    • Economic and social impacts of biological invasions
    • Non-native pests and pathogens. Pests and pathogens spread by invasive alien species
    • Novel tools and methods for detection, mapping, monitoring and control of invasive alien species
    • Engaging the public and stakeholders – from landowners to scientists, practitioners and decision makers and back
    • Effectiveness of past and current control measures and native communities restoration efforts
    • Relationships between weeds and invasive alien plants (joint session with EWRS). NB! Subsides for young scientists presenting in this session are available – read more!