Social events

Welcome Reception in the AHHAA Science Centre

12 September 2022, 19.00–23.00
Address: Sadama 1, Tartu, 51004 Estonia

Exhibitions are open for Neobiota guests during the reception.

Guided walk in the Old Town and Toome Hill

13 September 2022, 19.00–20.30

Conference Dinner in Tartu Cathedral White Hall

14 September 2022, 19.00–23.00
Address: Lossi 25, 51003 Tartu

The tower platforms of the Cathedral are also open for Neobiota guests during the event.

Photos: University of Tartu Museum


15 September 2022

1. The University of Tartu Botanical Garden & The Beer World Museum

The tour will take about 4 hours. The length of the walk from the botanical garden to the beer museum is 1,1 km.

2. Barge trip along the River Emajõgi to Lake Peipus
Delegates will be driven to the historic Kantsi settlement by bus from where the barge sails them to Lake Peipus and back passing through the wetlands of the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve and the largest Estonian wetland delta – the delta of the River Emajõgi. On the way, a guide will entertain you with the stories about Estonian nature and sailing culture. There is a possibility to enjoy the tour outside on the deck as well as inside the barge, there is no need to worry about the weather. There will be almost no walking and the whole trip will last approximately 6 hours.

Photo: Emajõe Lodjaselts

3. Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve

The tour takes the delegates to Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve where the Palupõhja Nature School and the eradication sites of Fallopia spp. will be introduced. The natural biodiversity of the reserve can be enjoyed during the walk on Selli-Sillaotsa hiking trail (4.7 km). The whole trip from Tartu and back takes about 6 hours.

4. Karula National Park, Otepää Nature Park & Sangaste Castle

You will have a chance to examine the scenic hummocky semi-natural landscapes of several South Estonian protected areas. In Karula National Park, a local organic sheep farm and eradication sites of Himalayan balsam will be visited. Sangaste Castle gives you a glimpse into the noble manor architecture. You will also be taken to a guided walk (3 km) in a castle forest park famous for its collection of non-native tree species. On the way back to Tartu, the pictureresque landscapes of Otepää Nature Park can be enjoyed. The whole tour takes about 7 hours.

5. Southeastern wetland and sandstone cliff landscape –  SEATS IN AN EXTRA BUS AVAILABLE!
First stop will be the Lüübnitsa viewing tower just on the coast of Lake Pskov, which provides a good view to the lake and surrounding Natura 2000 area. Next, the tour takes you to Meenikunno hiking trail (ca 3 km) to introduce one of the most popular and typical raised bogs in South Estonia. The boardwalk makes the hike convenient and easy for everyone. Another type of protected landscape will be observed in Taevaskoja (meaning Heaven’s Hall) hiking trail (3 km) in Ahja River Valley Landscape Reserve. The trail runs along the banks of the river providing extraordinary views to the sandstone cliffs and outcrops, springs and small caves surrounded by coniferous forests. As a relaxing closure to the tour, Estonian craft beer production will be introduced and the beer can be tasted in a small brewery in Käbliku Farm. The whole tour takes about 8 hours and is probably the most challenging in terms of walking.

6. The Onion Route and Alatskivi Castle (CANCELLED, REPLACED WITH No 5 EXTRA BUS AND TOUR)

On the Onion Route running along the shores of Lake Peipus you will experience the unique culture and architecture of the Old Believers. You will also have a chance to climb up to an observation tower and take a look at Lake Lahepera and its surroundings, which is Natura 2000 site rich in different bird species. The last stop will be Alatskivi Castle and its park. The whole tour takes up to 6 hours. Includes short walking distances.

All tickets and lunch packages are included.  
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